Create Custom Learning Games in Minutes


Lucie Crete
School Principal
The students love the game aspect of it. The lessons are so interactive. They see it as playing not studying
Anneke DiPietro
High School Student
Before I was just studying, and I wasn't entertained by it in any way. Now I learn better and make connections with the games. I'm a simple creature, I need entertainment...

  • Create Learning Games in Minutes!

  • Students play your lessons inside games they love

  • Educational games even run on Dance Pads, so students can move and participate in Active Learning

  • Assess Without the Stress! Get Detailed Reports on Student Engagement and Results

  • Build Grit! Students learn to get past failure and keep trying until they succeed

  • Games are designed to appeal to different learning styles
Only $60 for an entire year for your class of 40 students and teachers