Ignite a Student's Passion to Learn!


Launch with Game-Based Learning
  • Create Lessons Literally in Minutes!
  • Auto-magically convert your lessons into Games your students love
  • Students can create their own learning games in minutes too!
Blast Off with Project-Based Learning
  • Develop critical thinking and deeper learning through student-fueled inquiry
  • Develop student collaboration and project management skills

Marra DeGraff
Stanford Instructor
Never before have I seen a technology that instantly crafts lesson plans and creates educational games based on data you can input in minutes
Sandy Gibson
Gr 1-6 FSL teacher
I don't want to say I fell in love at first sight... But when I saw you could take your own curriculum, what you were teaching in class, and put it in GAME format... I was sold!

Only $40 for an entire year for your class